Pink Tickler

April 14, 2016by cbenton
pink tickler wheat beer
A lot of breweries hang their hat on their traditional “Brown” or classic “Red”. We’re not one of them. This beer is a great example of what we are all about, it’ our non-conforming “Pink”. At the time we started developing this brew, we weren’t aware of any hibiscus beers on the market. We ran through several iterations of this recipe and when we decided it had just the right amount of hibiscus, we went ahead and doubled it. The result is beverage that draws you in like a insect to bug lamp, without the harsh arrival. Light, crisp, slightly tart, totally Pink. It’s been accused of being a chick beer, but we have no shame in calling it one of our favorites. It’s a great introduction to beer for those who typically avoid it, and a great introduction to our lineup for those who love craft beer. Real Men and Women drink pink beer!
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