Yoga and Beer Pontiac Michigan Brewery

yoga dinner

We offer yoga events combined with beer or wine, and amazing food. We host several monthly events at Exferimentation Brewing Company located in Pontiac, MI. Browse our events here, learn more about us below, or connect with us on Facebook.

Jill Mitra

I am a certified yoga instructor teaching at several locations in the Oakland County area.   I am a wife, mother, and culinarian who is mindful about presenting locally sourced ingredients in comfort foods dishes with a healthy twist.  My passions are food, hospitality, community, and yoga.  I want to connect people through unique, intimate gatherings where we can come together for more than just a meal and have an experience. This Detox Retox is a collaboration combining my ten years of restaurant and hospitality background and yoga to bring you a feast feeding the mind, body, and soul.  Each event is welcoming to both vegetarians and meat lovers, and I look forward to hosting more gatherings featuring vegan and raw food meals paired with yoga!  Namaste

Jodi Stamper

I am a certified expert yoga instructor and has been an avid practitioner for 15+ years.  I am the wife of co-owner Andy Stamper and a lover of health, wellness and yoga. I love bringing people together, having fun and spreading the news that yoga rocks! When I am not on my mat, I am playing with my 6-year-old son, supporting my hubby while he works in the lab and teaching Kindergarten during the school year!  Cheers!