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It took a few experiments and a lot of hard work to bring our craft to you.

The story of our beer goes back to 2012 when we started creating recipes and brewing on Eric’s back porch, but the story of Exferimentation Brewing Company, goes even further.  Starting in the mid 1990’s, we were all beginning different paths to our professional livelihoods.  Scott studied mechanical engineering at Kettering and Michigan leading to a professional career in designing moving metallic components capable of withstanding thermal combustion events for the purpose of propelling human transportation devices (in layman’s terms he designs pistons).  Andy studied mechanical engineering at Indiana Institute of Technology, and the University of Michigan, then delved deeper into the internal combustion engine design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Wisconsin, ultimately leading him to a career selling industrial engine components (essentially he sells service parts for tractors).  At the same time, Eric studied business and supply chain at Michigan State and went on to negotiate, to the hundredths of a penny, production plastic/metallic/cast components, coffee shop ingredients, and private label food products (basically he just buys stuff.)


While these three careers represented the outcome of doing “the right thing”, i.e. getting an education, establishing a career, working for respectable companies, something was missing.  Each of us longed for something more fulfilling, something with more passion, something that was bigger than a paycheck.

It was when Scott and Eric were stirring wort in an open kettle fighting to block the falling leaves out of our brew that the idea of Exferimentation Brewing Company was born.  Not long after, Andy joined the team and the brewing increased.  A dedicated space was leased where for 18 months we refined our recipes, our business plan, and most importantly, who we wanted to be.  When we decided to go “pro” we settled on Pontiac as the place we wanted to make our mark.

It’s important to point out that we didn’t get here alone.  We owe a debt of gratitude to our friends who offered to drink our prototypes, for better or worse, and to our families who have supported our effort on this journey.

When you step into our tasting room you currently see a pretty eclectic setup.  Mismatching soft seating mixed in with tables we made from spare doors we found all coupled with simple, self-developed decorations.  There’s a reason for it.  We didn’t come into this venture with a large sum of money from grants, rich uncles, or silent partners with deep pockets.  We scrimped, saved, and put our personal (ass)ets on the line.  The money we have is dedicated to making the best beer we possibly can on our all new 2.5 barrel system.  We don’t have coin for ostentatious decorations, matching tables, or fancy chairs.  We are cautious with our business so we can be reckless with our creativity, tight with our finances so we can be free with our decision making, and hard on ourselves so our beer is easy on your palate.

Our Philosophy is simple.  Treat our customers and employees like we would want to be treated, make a positive impact in our community, and make beer that people love.  If that’s something that resonates with you, we would love it if you would come have a beer with us.

Craft Beer Brewery Michigan Pontiac Michigan Oakland County Near Detroit


Curbside Carryout Hours: 4-7PM Tues-Sat

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We are following guidance from the CDC and state officials and our taproom is currently closed until further notice. For information on what we're doing during this time, please check our Facebook page. We miss you!